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After attending Quantum Learning Programs, there was an average 85.8 point gain on SAT scores. 98% of students with a 1.9 and lower GPA improved their GPAs by an average of one letter grade. Overall students across the A-F range increased their GPA by half a point.

– Doctoral Study
Northern Arizona University, AZ

It’s kind of cool that there was a scholarship fund for kids like me that don’t come from a rich family. This camp should be taught to kids that don’t do well in school or want to go to college. I think Supercamp could help school drop out problems. Thanks to you, I have a new way of thinking! You give kids like me hope for the future, and confidence that I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

-Havasha Reed, 14
2007 SuperCamp scholarship recipient


  1. What is the mission of Learning Forum International?
    Making Great Kids Greater by funding student and educator programs that contribute to the mastery of learning and life skills by today’s youth, leading to their academic, personal and professional success.
  2. When and why was Learning Forum International formed?
    It was formed in 1989 initially to send deserving children to SuperCamp, who otherwise could not afford to go.
  3. Has your vision changed since 1989?
    We still provide children with SuperCamp scholarships each year and will continue to do so. Our vision has expanded in recent years due to the realization that the educational system is in crisis and that students are at a critical crossroads in the rapidly evolving global community. We recognized a need to step in and make a difference by training more teachers in Quantum Learning methods so that a dramatically greater number of students could benefit from this form of teaching and learning.
  4. How do students benefit from Quantum Learning?
    Students benefit in many ways. First, they learn how to learn, meaning they are taught learning skills in such areas as reading, writing, mathematics, studying, memorization, note taking and test taking that help them in all subjects at school. Second, they gain life skills – from more effective communication to leadership skills. Third, with the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of their Quantum Learning teachers, students become more inspired, motivated and confident, which leads to success in school and in other aspects of their lives.
  5. Why do teachers like Quantum Learning?
    Teachers find they are more effective when teaching with Quantum Learning methods. On a practical level, QL trains teachers in effective presentation and facilitation that supports classroom management. On another level, countless teachers say that the engaging and dynamic Quantum Learning teaching methods have reignited their passion for teaching.
  6. Is it possible to nominate specific schools and teachers to receive funds for Quantum Learning programs?
    Yes. Information on nominating teachers and schools can be found on the Nominate Teachers & Schools page. Be aware that we will have to work with a school’s and/or a school district’s administration to orchestrate a Quantum Learning school program before guaranteeing that we can implement a program at a particular school. Also, we have a “Be True To Your School” SuperCamp scholarship program where you can donate one or more $2,500 scholarships to a specific middle school or high school. We definitely can target funding for programs in specific geographic areas that meet with your giving guidelines or preferences.
  7. Are there Quantum Learning programs in countries other than the U.S.?
    Yes, Quantum Learning teacher/student programs and SuperCamp are offered in several countries around the world. In the upcoming year, programs are planned for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, China/Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Switzerland.
  8. Are my contributions tax deductible?
    Yes, your contributions are tax deductible, with the exception of airline miles. You will receive a tax receipt for your contribution.

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