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Today is the best teaching day I think I have EVER had. The children have been more engaged and have been able to recall more information than I thought possible. Children who have NEVER voluntarily answered questions or participated are now raising their hands to give answers and are excited. No one wanted to talk because thy wanted to listen to everything I had to say. Thank you so much for inviting me to this conference.

– Alicia Bradshaw, Teacher
Comments to her Principal
after attending a
Quantum Learning for
Teachers program

Nominate Teachers & Schools

Is there a teacher you want to nominate for a scholarship to attend one of Quantum Learning’s 5-day Teacher Training Workshops?

How about a school that you think would benefit from a Quantum Learning teacher training or student program?

If so, we’d like to hear from you! Simply email us with names and contact information for each teacher and/or school you wish to nominate.

Dates for the 5-day workshops at the QLN Campus in Oceanside, California, are available at www.QuantumLearning.com. Teacher nominations should be received at least six weeks prior to workshops. School nominations are accepted year round.

Thank you!

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