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You guys have magic happening. You have an incredibly powerful program. Everybody wins, everybody grows. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is my daughter.”

– Kristine Kirchofer, Parent of
SuperCamp scholarship recipient

After learning all of the skills at SuperCamp, I am confident that I will have a successful senior year of high school and be able to get into a great college. Thank you very much for making this possible.

-Griffin Batten, 18
2007 SuperCamp scholarship recipient

SuperCamp Scholarship Recipient Stories

A little bit about Anton……
Anton is 12 years old and lives in New York with his mom, dad and three older sisters where he is surrounded by gang activity. His mother just lost her job so his father is supporting the whole family, and his 95-year-old grandmother, who used to dote on him, recently passed away. Anton was granted a scholarship to SuperCamp at Colorado College. His mother was excited until she realized she couldn’t afford the cost of the plane ticket. Due to a generous donation of airline miles, Anton was able to attend SuperCamp in Colorado and get out of New York for the very first time.

“SuperCamp also helped me to think about school in a better way. I used to hurry up and do my homework so that I could go out and play. Since I went to SuperCamp I take more time to do it and it comes out better. I think more about my reports and whether I did a good job on them and gave them by best effort. The other thing that SuperCamp helped me do is to help out people and to think more about other people and what I say to them. I try to speak with a good purpose and not hurt someone’s feelings.”
– Anton

A little bit about Melvin……
Melvin is 15 years old and lives in Washington DC with his grandmother, who has been raising him since he was 4 years old. His grandfather recently passed. His current GPA is 1.90. Melvin was granted a scholarship to attend SuperCamp at the University of Wisconsin.

“Quantum Reading was fun. It helped me triple my reading speed and double my comprehension score.”
– Melvin

A little bit about Adriana……
Adriana won a writing contest for her SuperCamp scholarship that was provided to her high school through a “Be True to Your School” donation from an alumnus.

“I can not explain in words how amazing this experience was for me. Thanks to you I was able to meet many awesome people and learn many helpful things that I can use in school and everyday. Every minute that I spent at SuperCamp San Marcos made me feel like I was at home with my family. I am one of those people that like to enjoy every second of their life and the truth is that every second at SuperCamp was amazing. At SuperCamp I also took classes that helped me prepare for SATs and tests I will have in school. They taught me strategies to memorize important information.”
– Adriana

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