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We really did our homework and research on Quantum Learning (including the Superintendent, Director of Secondary Curriculum, and myself flying to Tennessee to attend a program there), and we believe it is one of the most practical and exciting research-based programs we have seen for boosting teacher effectiveness and motivation, student participation and achievement, and for building a positive school climate. I started teaching in 1991 and I’ve attended a lot of staff development over the years. This by far was the BEST experience I had ever had as a teacher. I learned more in this training than all the staff development I’ve attended over the years!

– Colleen Conklin, President
Flagler County School Board

I feel a lot more confident in taking tests, paying attention and just learning. SuperCamp was a great experience to build a trust relationship.

-Alex Stuart, 13
2007 SuperCamp scholarship recipient

What We Do

Learning Forum International (LFI) endeavors to secure operating and endowment gifts to fund the following Quantum Learning programs for those schools, teachers and students that do not have the resources to afford such programs. By doing so, LFI facilitates reaching and positively impacting more students with life-enhancing skills:

  • Quantum Learning for Teachers professional development programs
  • Quantum Learning for Students programs


Quantum Learning is a powerful methodology developed over the last 25+ years that first began with a small summer program called SuperCamp – a place where kids felt great about themselves and their potential. As SuperCamp grew, both in the U.S. and abroad, educators became aware of its success and began asking if programs based on the same Quantum Learning methods could be developed for schools. As a result, the first Quantum Learning school program launched in 1991.

The results achieved by Quantum Learning methods are both remarkable and well documented. Research findings from several schools that have employed Quantum Learning teacher and/or student training can be reviewed here. An independent study with over 6,000 SuperCamp graduates found that 73% of graduates improved their grades, 81% developed more confidence, 68% increased their motivation, 84% gained greater self-esteem and 98% continued to use the skills learned.

Read some powerful and compelling success stories on Quantum Learning programs and about SuperCamp scholarship recipients.


  1. Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys
    Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys is a featured LFI initiative that unites educators, businesses, organizations, government officials, and parents to inspire students with life skills to make positive choices and become productive members of society. This initiative provides a set of eight powerful life skills to the students and through them to their families and their communities.
  2. Quantum Learning for Teachers
    Quantum Learning runs several professional development programs for teachers. It is a system that provides strategies and tactics for the design and delivery of curriculum in a dynamic and engaging classroom. Specific instruction includes steps for building a strong foundation, a positive atmosphere of rapport and respect, and a supportive environment. The training also includes techniques for improving presentation skills, designing engaging lessons and identifying and reaching all types of learners. Educators learn strategies for effective classroom management, accelerating learning, making content more meaningful, and supporting standards-based curriculum.

    Programs include one-day to five-day trainings, workshops, reinforcement courses and classroom coaching.

    Learning Forum International’s featured initiative is a five-day Quantum Learning for Teachers program for up to 80 teachers.
  3. Quantum Learning for Students
    Quantum Learning for Students is a dynamic learning and life skills program that helps students raise their grades, test scores, and personal confidence. Quantum Learning facilitators come to schools and work directly with students. Teachers receive hands-on staff development by participating with and observing the facilitators in action.

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