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The Quantum Learning model demonstrated a consistent pattern of positive impact on student achievement in 18 schools in four states. This impact included statistically and educationally significant gains in reading, mathematics, writing and more comprehensive measures of core academic achievement. Students who have participated in schools implementing QL, have also shown a pattern of greater gains in achievement than comparison sample students not participating in the QL model.

– External Evaluator for Program
Improvement Schools
William Benn and Associates, 2003

The eye-opening thing for me was how to unleash the genius in each child, how to get them to start thinking and keep them motivated. This Quantum Learning is putting it all under one big umbrella.

-Brenda Jones, Teacher
Metro Nashville school district

What You Can Do

Whether you are an individual or with a corporate giving program or a foundation, there is much you can do to help Learning Forum International achieve the quantum shift in teaching and learning that is so urgently needed. You can:

  1. Contribute directly to the funding of one of the initiatives or programs outlined below.
  2. Establish an endowment to fund annual training programs or scholarships for teachers and students.
  3. Introduce us to others, including private donors, corporate contacts and foundation contacts. Tell them about Learning Forum International and email us with their contact information. We’ll gladly follow up.

To make a contribution or to establish an endowment, read more about the programs on this page, then call us at 760-305-7317


Learning Forum International (LFI) applies donations to Quantum Learning programs for those schools, teachers and students that do not have the resources to afford such programs. By doing so, LFI facilitates reaching and positively impacting more students with life-enhancing skills. You can get additional information on these programs on our What We Do page.

  1. Featured Initiative: fund a Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys program for a school of 1,000 students. Funding required: $5,000.
  2. Fund a five-day Quantum Learning for Teachers program for up to 80 teachers. This program is the most cost-efficient way to positively impact a large number of students with comprehensively trained teachers. Funding required: $25,000.
  3. Fund a one-day Quantum Learning for Teachers for up to 80 teachers. Funding required: $5,000.
  4. Provide a one-time or recurring donation that will be allocated where it is needed most. Funding amount determined by giver.

Please note that we can direct funding for Quantum Learning programs to specific geographic areas.

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