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“I am proud to say that I have witnessed the regeneration of passion and a new spirit –  resulting in greater joy, excitement and skill in many teachers who have taken the Quantum Learning Program.”

– Beverly Rutledge
Reading Consultant/Grant Writer
Regional Office of Education, Illinois

“A model learning environment… This program (SuperCamp) gives a student the feeling they’re in cooperation with a team, and really quarterbacking their own education to a larger degree than they realized before.”


“My goal is that teachers and students in our school will be connected to one another and that they will have a new enthusiasm for learning.”

– DeeDee DeMan
Parent and LFI Board Member

Who We Are

Learning Forum International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation founded in 1989 and headquartered in Oceanside, California.

LFI secures funding from individuals, foundations and corporations to provide Quantum Learning® professional and student development programs for teachers, school administrators and students and individual student scholarships to SuperCamp learning and life skills summer programs.

Through Learning Forum International, educators, parents, alumni and other supporters of youth development come together to make a difference for kids with great promise and limited resources, empowering them with greater self esteem, highly effective academic and learning skills, and a desire to achieve.


Learning Forum International’s mission:

Making Great Kids Greater through student and educator programs that contribute to the mastery of learning and life skills by today’s youth, leading to their academic, personal and professional success.


Bobbi DePorter


Bobbi DePorter is the cofounder and President of Learning Forum International. Ms. DePorter is an early pioneer in the applications of accelerated learning, which she first applied in her highly successful business school. She then had the vision to help children realize their potential by teaching these same learning techniques to them. This inspiration led to the launch of SuperCamp learning and life skills summer programs in 1982.

SuperCamp has achieved worldwide success. Over 80,000 students have attended the program. Inspired by the success of SuperCamp, and the difference it makes for students and educators, Bobbi, and her husband Joe Chapon, established Learning Forum International to extend the same experiences and opportunities to students, teachers and school districts with limited financial resources.

Ms. DePorter is the founder and President of Quantum Learning Network, which offers training to youth, educators and businesses throughout the U.S. and in over a dozen other countries. Bobbi attended the University of Washington and University of Southern California Graduate School of Business CME program. Her programs have impacted more than twenty million kids worldwide.

Bobbi DePorter has written over a dozen books, which have been translated into seven languages, including the following:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System
The Seven Biggest Teen Problems and how to turn them into Strengths
Quantum Learning: Unleashing the Genius in You
Quantum Teaching: Orchestrating Student Success
The 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By
Quantum Success: 8 Keys to Shift Your Energy into Dynamic Focus
Quantum Business: Achieving Success Through Quantum Learning
The Quantum Upgrade Series

Joe Chapon

Vice President

Joe Chapon has been on the Learning Forum International Board of Directors since 1989. He is Vice President of Quantum Learning Network and involved with strategic planning and financial management activities of SuperCamp. He has spent a large portion of his career designing and managing training, development and personnel management programs for corporations and organizations based both domestically and abroad. His past experience included: program director of training and planning for Gulf and Western’s Indonesia operation; President of Indonesian American Housing Projects, a real estate development company; Project Manager for Personnel, Parsons Saudi Arabia; training officer for the Peace Corps in the South Pacific Region. Joe is married to Bobbi DePorter and is a graduate of Kent State University.

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